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OK, so let me introduce this new idea. I have been wanting a place to just spit out my thoughts and ideas for a little while now. Nothing too serious. Mostly related to either food, fatherhood or sports. Yeah, it's a blog.

What is with the name - you ask. It's pretty easy. All the good names were taken! I didn't want to put this at, since that domain name is sooo valuable. I wanted this idea to have a home of it's own. So, I began to think about sports. Several of my favorite athletes of all time share the same uniform number - 44. Hank Aaron. George Gervin (right). Of course - there is my childhood hero, Reginald Martinez Jackson. So, I figured "The Four Four" would be a cool, hip name for a web site where I tell you what I had for dinner last night along with why the Falcons may win it all (or lose it all, depending on how I am feeling at the moment).

Thank you for dropping in. I will not have a subscription form at this site. I probably will not track metrics. But, if you like the site - come back some time. Heck, tell a friend.

Thx, Kit

January 16, 2017

George "Iceman" Gervin

The FOUR FOUR - Opinion from someone very tired.

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Make America Great Again - SRSLY
First off, let me clarify. My name is Kit Baty. I lean right, although I am more right down the middle. I usually vote Republican. I did not this past election. I didn't vote for your candidate either. I voted for Gary Johnson. I couldn't, with a clear conscience anyway, vote for either big party candidate. The liar or the fool? No thanks, I will pick the pothead.

Anyway, I do have to get this off my chest. Since the start of Donald Trump's campaign, the slogan has been "Make America Great Again". This was probably something that popped into his head while he was fixing a late night snack or on the toilet or something. "Boom, I like it, there it is." No focus groups. Probably right off the hip. Truthfully, I like the slogan. What is wrong with wanting to live in a great country once again? Bill Clinton thought so much of the idea, he used it in 4 different speeches while was running for President. Then, when his wife was running against then-Senator Obama for the Democratic nomination, he used it in a radio spot for his wife.

February 12, 2017

It’s time for another comeback, time to make America great again. I know Hillary’s the one that can do it

— William Jefferson Clinton, 2008

I guess it is fine coming out of a Democrat. Because coming out of the mouth of Donald Trump, to Democrats it means "Make America White Again". I have access to the internet at work and at home. I have researched this, and not once have I ever seen this in print or heard this said by Donald Trump (candidate or President).

It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out that what Trump meant/means by this. Back in the 50's and 60's, America was a/the world power. Best military. Best schools. Best and brightest minds. Best products. We were great. Yes, we had some serious race issues. Although we as a country still have a long way to go, we are making progress. But at the same time, the country has fallen off. Countries have passed us in military might. Countries have passed us in technology prowess and manufacturing. Several countries have passed us in the education of our youth. Improving the United States world standing in these areas would make America great again. How hard is that to understand? It proves to me almost any statement - no matter how simple or well-meaning - can be twisted to fit a specific narrative.

So, please Democrats. Please, BLM. Please find another Trump (or Republican) quote to misconstrue.

Thx, Kit